spring style 1100 series adjustable depth

Adjustable Depth Thermocouples

Spring Style 1100 Series Adjustable Depth

Standard 1100 series is type “J” with a 6” spring
Part Number Length Description
1100-A1-024 24” 2ft. S.S. Braid with Lugs
1100-A1-036 36” 3ft. S.S. Braid with Lugs
1100-A1-048 48” 4ft. S.S. Braid with Lugs
1100-A1-060 60” 5ft. S.S. Braid with Lugs
1100-A1-072 72” 6ft. S.S. Braid with Lugs
1100-A1-084 84” 7ft. S.S. Braid with Lugs
1100-A1-096 96” 8ft. S.S. Braid with Lugs
1100-A1-120 120” 10ft. S.S. Braid with Lugs
1100-A1-144 144” 12ft. S.S. Braid with Lugs

Flex Armor 1112 Series Adjustable Depth

Standard 1112 series is type “J” with Stainless Steel Armor Cable Flex Hose
Part Number Length Description
1112-A1-024 24” 2ft. Flex Armor with Lugs
1112-A1-036 36” 3ft. Flex Armor with Lugs
1112-A1-048 48” 4ft. Flex Armor with Lugs
1112-A1-060 60” 5ft. Flex Armor with Lugs
1112-A1-072 72” 6ft. Flex Armor with Lugs
1112-A1-084 84” 7ft. Flex Armor with Lugs
1112-A1-096 96” 8ft. Flex Armor with Lugs
1112-A1-120 120” 10ft. Flex Armor with Lugs
1112-A1-144 144” 12ft. Flex Armor with Lugs


a1 and a2 plug types


flex armor 1112 series adjustable depth