Ultra Nozzle Capabilities

Ultra L Specifications:- Fast Response- Up to 5 times the wattage that can be applied using mica heaters on the outer diameter. No heat lost into the air at start-up.
- Better Control - Built in thermocouple located at the tip end, controls the process where it matters most. Evenly distributed power over the total length of the nozzle body and even the hex area.
- Reduced Cost- No exposed wires and totally sealed. Plastic cannot damage heater or thermocouple. No more downtime for heater replacement and rewiring.
- High Quality-Manufactured from high quality alloy steels or Plasti-Co’s “EverLast” stainless steel. Heating elements custom build for this application with Hi-Temp head wires that lead to the plug never spliced. 

- High Durability-Even with the higher total wattage, the use of many heaters keeps the watt density of each heater very low and in most cases only ½ that of the standard mica heaters used on most nozzles. The lower a heaters watt density the longer it will last. Durable stainless steel cable from the nozzle to the plug protects both the heater and thermocouple leads from damage.
- Nozzle Service-When your Ultra Nozzle needs repair or rebuilding all components are replaceable. Plasti-Co offers replacement parts in most cases from stock. If you wish we offer a repair or total rebuild service.
- Ultra vs. Heat Pipe Nozzle- The time it takes heat pipe nozzles to transfer heat from the end cap or nozzle adapter, in some cases, is longer than the barrel heat-up time. Some companies invest in costly heat pipe nozzles only to install heaters on them to speed up or balance the heat requirements. In extreme cases torches are used to accelerate the nozzle warm up process. Longer heat pipe nozzles require the use of one or more very high watt density heaters at the start of the nozzle. The heaters are costly mineral filled with limited life.
- Ultra vs. Externally Heated Nozzles-Most molders know the time required to remove plastic damaged heaters and thermocouples from a machines nozzle after a bonnet. It is hot messy and sometimes dangerous work. The lost time and manpower costs make the Ultra the best value.

The Ultra-L is a custom built nozzle for very large machines.
Inside Bore Size .750" – 1.250"
Main Body O.D. 2.500" – 4.00"
Number of heaters 5-8
Heater O.D. Size .375" - .500"
Nozzle tip thread 1 ¼” – 2 ½”
Rear thread 2.00" – 4.00" (50mm – 100mm)
Cable length 120" Standard